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Vision Casting
In January 2008 our Deacons, ministerial staff, core group leaders and support group leaders will collectively begin a visioning process for our church. We will collaborate to establish a future vision for our church and determine goals and accountabilities to measure success on a go-forward basis. We are excited about the future story at First Baptist Church Huntersville... and each of our members will be hearing more about those efforts in the coming months.


Deacon Mission Efforts
In early 2008, our Deacons will be making a decision on a Deacon-led mission effort to be completed in our local area. It is our goal to make this an annual effort as part of our Deacon Ministry. Thirteen of our current and former Deacons recently participated in various mission efforts to Ukraine, Haiti and Maine. Our Deacon body strongly endorses mission efforts and see our mission ministry as a crucial element in spreading the Gospel.


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Deacon Family Ministry
In late 2006, our Deacons began the Deacon Family Ministry, a ministry aimed at connecting families in our church with the Deacon body and to provide a touch point to share ministry as needed with our members. We began the ministry with approximately 60 families and have since grown it to over 120.

Homebound Communion
Each Deacon serves one or two homebound members as well as part of our ministry efforts. Our Deacons serve each of our homebound members communion when our church observes the Lord's Supper. This is a vital ministry for our homebound.


Deacon On-Call
We recently began our Deacon On-Call Ministry. Each week a different Deacon is assigned as the "Deacon On-Call", and is responsible for contacting our staff to see what extra help might be needed that week with such needs as hospital visits, member contact, or to assist others in need. The Deacon On-Call is listed in our church bulletin each week.


Deacon Liaisons
Our Deacons also serve as Liaisons to our six core leadership groups as well as our three support leadership groups. In their liaison role, our Deacons provide input to key decisions that are made which impact our church body. They report back on those discussions and decisions to our Deacon Body during each of our monthly meetings.


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Deacons and Rotation Dates


           2016                                     2017                                         2018


      Rob Cason                             Edwin Alvarado                               Will Bates - Alignment

      Gerald Craig                           Greg Bass                                       Bev Clayton - Chair

      Charlie Curtis                          Tammy Dorcas                                Juana Hernandez

      Cherise Gregory                       Steven Edelman - Secretary               Kevin Patterson - Chair-Elect

      Richard Killough                      Troy Messick                                  Jim Smith

      Bill Tatum                               Patricia Rubiano