In an effort to raise money for World Hunger this year, we are excited to announce that we have become an official charity on eBay under the name “First Baptist Church, Huntersville NC.”

This means that you can now sell your items online through eBay and give a percentage of the sale, up to 100%, to “First Baptist Church, Huntersville NC.” All proceeds from this venture will be donated to our World Hunger Organizations. Within a few weeks, and after the buyer has paid, the PayPal Giving Fund will automatically send the donation to the church and send you a donation receipt. eBay will also credit you an equal percentage of your fees. If you give 20% of the sale to the church, you will be credited 20% of the eBay fees. If you give 100%, then they will credit you 100% of the fees. (It is always free to list an item on eBay, fees are only charged if your item sells.) Search for more information and you can find answers to frequently asked questions.

For anyone who does not want to sell their items themselves, we will be accepting donations of small, more valuable items (like you would see at the live auction or silent auction) to sell on eBay as direct sellers for First Baptist Church Huntersville. You may drop off your donations, to be sold on eBay, on Saturdays now through August from 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM at the Community Breakfast. There will be volunteers at the semi-circle drive at the back of the dining hall who will accept your small, valuable donations and give you a receipt for tax purposes. Then the donated items will be given to church members who will list and sell them on eBay. If you have a bulkier item that is of high value, we would consider taking a few at a time to try to sell locally through Facebook marketplace.

You can contact Kelly Ferris ( 256-282-0434) or Janet Marek (704-779-2276) if you have further questions. We hope that including online sales this year will help raise funds that our World Hunger organizations need while keeping our members and community safe.

Outward Service/ World Hunger Team