Living Out the Radical Command of Jesus to “Love Your Neighbor as Yourself”
What happens when we start taking Jesus’ Great Commandment seriously? Find out this week as we join 100 other congregations throughout the Charlotte area and commit to loving our neighbor.


This 3-week sermon series will launch a city-wide neighboring movement where we will mobilize the collective body of Christ in our city to live out Jesus’ command to love your neighbor.
In the fall of 2018, 75 churches participated in a 4-week, city-wide unified sermon series, reaching over 41,000 people with a message of what we are the Church are “For” rather that what we are “Against.” That we are for the gospel, the church, our neighbors, and our city. At the heart of the unified sermon series is the belief that we are stronger together, and that through honoring the prayer of our Lord Jesus in John 17, our city will see and experience the greatest declaration of the gospel through our “oneness.”
Due to the excitement and impact of the 2018 sermon series, in the fall of 2019 FORCLT will facilitate another unified sermon series and First Baptist Church – Huntersville will participate.