In the face of the pandemic, we have found ways to honor our long-standing tradition and still raise money to provide food for people here and abroad.

Coming soon: World Hunger T-shirts will be available for sale in the coming weeks. We have received a donation of 100 T-shirts. Details to follow…

We are in the initial stages of planning an online live auction on Facebook on Saturday 9/26. If you have expertise or want to help, please call 704-875-6581 or send an email to the church office.

Masks for sale – Masks can still be special ordered by calling the church office at 704-875-6581 or email Kathy Vinge @ The masks are 100% cotton and the elastic straps are adjustable. A $5 minimum donation per mask is requested. Proceeds will benefit World Hunger Relief efforts.

Direct Donation – Please consider making a designated donation via FBC-H to the World Hunger effort. Go to and indicate “World Hunger Day” The needs of the organizations supported by World Hunger continue to exist even though we may not be able to have our usual World Hunger activities this year because of COVID-19.

eBay – You can now buy items or sell items, giving a percentage of the sale up to 100% to First Baptist Church Huntersville. All proceeds from this venture will be donated to our World Hunger Organizations. Here is the link for our site:

We hope that including online sales this year will help raise funds that our World Hunger organizations need while keeping our members and community safe.

For anyone who does not want to sell their items themselves, we will be accepting donations of small, more valuable items that you would typically see in the live auction or silent auction. You may drop off your donations on Saturdays, now through August from 8:00 am – 10 am at the Community Breakfast. There will be volunteers at the semi-circle drive at the back of the dining hall who will accept your donations and give you a receipt for tax purposes.

If you have a bulkier item that is of high value, we will consider taking a few at a time to try to sell locally through the Facebook Marketplace. Please contact Kelly Ferris for more info if you have a larger item to sell.